Six Tips for Exam Success

Looking at an exam time-table isn’t everyone’s idea of a great start to the New Year, but follow these exam tips and give yourself the best chance of success this January.

Remove distractions

One hour of focused study is much more productive than working for four hours with continual distractions. When you sit down to study, turn your phone off, disconnect the internet and shut the door to your room.

Set Goals, not Times

It’s easy to kid yourself that you’ve worked hard if you sit at your desk all afternoon, but how much have you really achieved? Setting tangible goals rather than just allocating a set amount of time is a far more productive way to study. Make sure the goals are achievable, or it’s easy to become disheartened.

Explain Yourself

Very often we think we understand something, but when we come to tell someone else about we become confused. Practise explaining the points that you revise to a third party. Organise a revision group or grab an unsuspecting flatmate or family member. You will find you make yourself much clearer when you come to explain your ideas in the exam.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

The food you eat really does make a difference to how well your brain works. The oils in foods like fish, nuts and seeds keep the grey matter lubricated, as does drinking plenty of water. Include exercise as part of your exam timetable, as getting the blood flowing makes a real difference to your attention and retention skills.

Plan for the exam

There’s nothing worse than arriving to an exam in a fluster. Make sure you have everything ready the night before. Know exactly where you’re going and be sure to get there early. Have any materials, stationary etc you need pre-packed and ready to go. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep to charge up the brain as well.


It might sound strange, but spending some time imagining yourself in the exam can really help to reduce exam nerves. Imagine sitting at your desk and answering the questions well. See yourself remembering everything that you have revised with ease. When you come to do the exam, it will seem like you have done it all before!

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