Another successful Gower trip

Due to popular demand, the Talk Club instructors organised another trip to the Gower. What better way for international students to practice speaking English, meet new friends and enjoy new scenery?  Like last year, the weather was absolutely stunning and the group was comprised of students from all over the world. This year, we decided to take advantage of public transport and hopped aboard the 8 then 118 buses to Swansea Airport.  We then trekked up a winding road to the Rose Hip Tearooms at the Wildflower Cafe where we enjoyed a delicious high tea while sitting in the sun.  It was fun discussing what each of the items were and how one is meant to eat them (scones for example, are best when lathered with clotted cream and then topped with jam).  As is usual for the ladies at the Cafe, the food was outstanding and plentiful.

After eating, we walked back down the road and hopped back on the 118 to Penmaen.  Once there, we walked along the tops of the cliffs and enjoyed breath-taking views of Oxwich Bay, Tor Bay and Three Cliffs Bay.  After surveying the view from up top, we decided to head down to the beach at Three Cliffs.

After two hours of fresh air, sun, exercise and tons of sand in our shoes, we returned on the 118, then 8 bus to the University.  It was agreed that once a year is not often enough for Talk Club trips, so make sure to look out for emails from the Academic Success Programme for information on future trips.  For more information on Talk Club and all the courses offered by ASP, go to our website.  Until then, we wish all our students who are in exam revision mode the best of luck on your exams.

Nicole Chartier

ASP on Tour- Llangennith


The ASP team are constantly brainstorming ways to support student success, so when a group of Talk Club regulars mentioned wanting to know more about Wales and Welsh culture, the idea to go on tour was born.  The Gower Peninsula was the logical choice; it is close to Swansea, is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and makes for a great day out.  The decision was made to go to Llangennith, on North Gower.  While there, we were able to sample a variety of Welsh dishes courtesy of the King’s Head, while Danielle, a Welsh foodie blogger from Lovely Appetite, spoke about Welsh food and traditions.

Afterwards, G, a former Gower Scout leader and current photographer at Gower Images Works, led us on a guided walk over part of Rhossili Down to the beach.

In addition to practicing speaking and listening to conversational English, students were able to connect with other international students while learning a bit more about Welsh food and traditions.  We really lucked out with the weather; the week before rain was forecast for our trip, however, on the day, it was sunny and beautiful.

For anyone who wants to try making a popular local dish, Danielle swears her family’s recipe is the best:

Corned Beef Pie

And, since the Welsh cakes were a favourite, why not try making them at home?

Welsh Cakes

If you missed out on the trip, fear not; we are in the process of planning another ASP adventure.  Follow us on Twitter to find out more about this and all the ways ASP can help you be as successful as possible.

A big thank you to all the students who came along to Llangennith- it was a lot of fun.  Thanks you also to Abi at the King’s Head for creating a special Welsh menu for us, to Danielle for the input and suggestions for the day and to G at Gower Images Works for not only speaking about the local history but for documenting the afternoon as well.